Laney’s Birthday + some other stuff

We took Laney out to dinner for her birthday last night.  She chose Texas Roadhouse.  To her it's the "peanut place".  If you don't know it...they have buckets of peanuts in the shells and she loves shelling them and eating them.  They have the best warm rolls as appetizers and cinnamon butter to completely lace them with.  Of course we always eat like five or six baskets of these before our meal and the kids cannot eat a single bite of their meal when it finally arrives.  ;D  It's all good.  We had fun.  Laney kept wondering if the wait staff was going to bring her ice cream and sing to her.  Which of course they did.  She kept asking and waiting and asking and asking and asking...;D  Then when they finally did she looked like she wanted to crawl under the table from embarrassment!!!

My favorite photo of the night...

So for the other stuff...I have been playing around with Adobe Lightroom.  I don't know much...but I did create this gallery of Laney's birthday photos I took last night.  You can see them here.  Cannot wait to further implement this into my blog in general...yay!  Once I...ehem Corey...figure it all out.  LOL

Item number two on the misc agenda.  Wacom Pen Scrappers is having another contest for digital scrap artists.  You can check it all out here.  Good prizes.  I entered this layout...

The beauty of can enter more than one layout.  The's the more people you know the more votes...which from the Ultimate Summer Challenge kinda made me leery.  But I'm doing it again...cause you guessed it...I want a Bamboo Fun!!!  ;D  At the top of my sidebar there is a link that takes you to my page on that site where you can vote for me.  I'd ever so muchly appreciate it thank you!  Or you can click on this link here.

One last misc.  My friend Michelle has a great giveaway on her blog.  It's the last one she's doing...for this year...don't panic!!!  Check out her blog here...she's got great things going on over there!!!  ;D

Have an excellent day!!!

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