Keeping Busy

Did you survive Digital Scrapbook Day?  Lots of places were having sales.  Did you spend too much money?  Just enough?  None?  I'll admit to purchasing a few items.  Found a few good freebies as well. ;D

I've completed a couple more layouts for DDE.  These are made with the kits Pink Holiday and Let 'Em Eat CakeDDE is having a sale this weekend as well, ending on the 9th...40% off!!!



4 Responses

  1. WendyN
    Wow you are on a roll...I had fun this weekend too...figured I'd best do it while there were sales :o) I love the layout and the photos you chose!! GREAT job! Laughing at Corey's comment, too funny!! The new blog header is sweet!! You are an awesome artist!
  2. Jill
    Love the new header for the site!
  3. corey
    I spent too much this weekend...oh, you meant on scrapbooking stuff ;)
  4. super cute lo's... love the cake... reminds me of one my mom made for me... oh the memories... wish Rainee was into dolls so I could make one for her... oh well I'll just have to live through your little one's... yum!!! As for DS-weekend... i survived... didn't buy a thing... thought a lot about it... but too much was going on.... maybe next year!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle