Just thinking…

When I first started blogging it was always just for me.  It still is.  A running journal if you will.  When I put it up and running and “live” it made me a bit nervous.  Who would be reading this?  My life is boring.
But what if we all stopped for a second and changed the way we think.  What of instead of thinking we lead boring mundane lives…that we all lead extraordinary lives.  That our lives are anything BUT ordinary.  How would we write about our lives if we thought that conversations with our kids were just as important as the ones we read from the “famous bloggers”?  What if we changed what we thought about our ordinary day and thought…what I do matters?  How would we view ourselves and the “mundane” tasks that we do?  What if I stopped thinking that picking up my kids and driving them back and forth from home to school was ordinary?  What if I thought that conversations with them were the most important conversations…the most important words ever spoken…more important than any public official or elected leader?  What would I take photos of if I thought I was not just an ordinary person with a point and shoot camera but some great artist using the tools…just the ordinary tools that they had surrounding them?  What modern devices did the great artist geniuses of times past use when they had no cameras at all?  How blessed am I to have one?  What if I thought that the leaf on the ground or the plant on my window sill were the most beautiful creations in the world instead of the most ordinary things we I see every day?
Have you also noticed that this mentality is contagious?  (Or that you’d much rather be around these types of people?)  Have you noticed the great and successful people/bloggers out there have this mentality?  Not one of  I’m-better-than-you but one of I’m-not-afraid-to-live…really live my life.  I’m not afraid to share my life…the good and the bad with you.  I believe that my life is important and I’m going to make the most of it…and guess what…most of life can be “mundane” but if I view it like that I’ll get just as depressed as most of the world living day in and day out watching their lives just pass them by…if I allow it.

So...what if the plain truth is...all our lives are just boring...and that is just what life is...and the only thing that separates us from everyone else is HOW WE VIEW OUR LIVES??????????   Hmmmmmm.....

So while I started this blog for myself and it still exists for that purpose…as I continue to write, I realize the things that I experience in my life…are…anything BUT boring.  My life is anything BUT mundane.  It is in fact extraordinary!  It is in fact important!  It is my perspective…the way that I look at my life…that determines whether or not it is lived out this way.  At least that is how I choose to view things.

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