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I haven't been writing cause I've been a little busy...a little out of it + preoccupied.  Sigh.  Not sure exactly what is up...but I can tell you some of what has been going on.

I went to the dr on Monday...trying to figure out why I have constant or rather recurring cold symptoms...tired and fatigued...just general blucky-ness.  Well after some discussion...her theory is allergies.  So I came away from the appointment with some mixed feelings.  On one hand...if this is what it is and this new "attack" and "round of treatments" we will try works then I should start to feel a lot better.  On the other hand...I'm bummed that it's allergies.  Just something about that.  I don't know...millions of people have them...I just didn't think one of them would be me.  Of course determining what I'm allergic to is a whole other rabbit trail...one that I'm not going down right now.  Sigh.

Things have been busy at the girls' school...that time of year.  This and that thing going on.  Gotta keep it all straight and remember everything.  Really relying on my phone + calendar that's on it.  What a life saver.  Today they had their Winter Concert.  They ACTUALLY did some traditional Christmas songs this year.  I just about fell over.  Usually they are so worried about offending the minority who don't celebrate Christmas that they end up not really having anything Christmas in it at all...which is quite depressing to me.  Not so this year!  YAY!!  Here is Laney on stage...

We continued to celebrate Laney's birthday by having the home-made cake I promised her.  I finally got to it yesterday because I have been sick...and so tired.  I thought she would like that given she's an attention hound...you know...more celebrations.  Yeah...not so much.  She was mad that it took so long...not that she had a party at school...that we took her to dinner...that she got a present...that her friends are coming over for dinner and cake later in the month...and if ALL THAT WASN'T ENOUGH she is having her "official" big party in January...after the holidays are over and people aren't busy (and this is the LAST big party I am doing for either kid btw...I am DONE with big parties and both have been informed!)  So perhaps Laney is a bit spoiled???  We weren't thinkin' so...she's has gotten a bit worldly lately...not sure where it's coming from...I suspect tv watching...commercials...another sigh...

Anyway...I did make the cake.  A doll cake as requested by "her royal highness"...lol.  Get this.  I had Laney help me make the cake...which she was tickled about.  And she did great.  I baked it according to directions.  But here's where it starts gettin' weird.  Pulled it out of the oven...put a cake tester into it in SEVERAL places and it came out clean so I let it set for a couple of minutes before turning it out onto the plate I was going to serve it on.  I shook it a little so it would fall out and the top fell off and all of the inside fell out...UNBAKED BATTER!!!!!!!!!!!  It went EVERYWHERE!!!  I don't know what the heck happened but it was the most bizarre thing EVER!  I had to put it back in the oven...hallowed out...and bake it...a total of another 40 minutes and it still wasn't done completely in the middle.  I've made this cake before many times.  Not sure what was up...but it was a mystery!  I filled up the hole with icing and flipped it over out of the pan.  It still looked pretty and tasted yummy so it turned out alright in the end! ;D

This is the inside of the doll cake so you know what I'm talking about...

OK...I swore I was not going to talk about the Twilight series books, movie...nothing!  But...I went to see it this past weekend.  And...I thought it was excellent!!!!  Yes, it is a teen movie.  I knew that going in.  I didn't care.  I have not read the books.  Not sure if I will.  But I plan to go see the movie again this week or weekend coming up.  I'm serious! ;D  Laugh if you want...maybe I'm a freak...but they pulled off romantic like I haven't seen since...well Pride and Prejudice!!!  Serious.

And the deal of the century just walked in the door.  Corey found me a new Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet for $50 on Craigslist and went and got it tonight.  So I am going to promptly end this post and investigate that!!!!!! ;D  Merry Christmas (early) to ME!!!

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  1. I have been meaning to ask you how in the world did you do the picture of Laney at her school Christmas program (it was probably called a Winter Solstice Celebration right?). That is an awesome technique.