Just another tool for us to use…

I cannot take credit for finding this...but I can sure let you know about it and can I say yay...it was just what I've been looking for!!!  I found this on Jessica Sprague's blog here.  She explains it very well.  Basically it is a website called vi.sualize.us.  It is an online data base for you to tag and catalog photos, scrapbook layouts or whatever inspires you that you find that you like and want to keep for inspiration or for reference.  And it is great because you keep it all on their web space and save room on your hard drive!  You can share you photos with others and vice versa.  I've put a link to my favorite pictures on vi.sualize.us on my sidebar.  You will see it as you scroll down.  Below is a screen shot of what one of my pages look like.  And you can also get to my page by using this address: http://vi.sualize.us/jencropable/.  Also if you use Firefox there is a great plugin to use...it puts an icon right in your toolbar and also if you just right click on any photo when you are searching online it asks you if you want add the image to vi.sualize.us.  It is so cool!!!  The plugin link is here.  One little disclaimer to this whole thing...I have noticed that if you do general searches on vi.sualize.com like "recently added" there can be photos that are "unsafe".  Meaning some that have nudity in them.  Reason being...I don't think this site's users are limited to just anyone and they don't really limit (at least at first) what goes up and everyone's "tastes" are different...there is an option on each photo, however, to rate it "unsafe" and it will black it out for you if you consider it "unsafe" and if enough people rate it that way it will be unsafe for everyone.  If you just stick to yours and others that you know are safe and searches that you know are safe...i.e. key words that are safe and not just "general" searches you should be fine...if that sort of thing bothers or offends you.  Don't let this scare you off tho...it is a great resource!!!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!!!

Thank you Jessica for sharing this with us!!! ;D

ps...a big thank you again to Corey for helping me with the plugin on the sidebar...ok not helping...doing it all...and thanks to all the guys on the Linux forum who helped...and also there appears to be problems with viewing it in Internet Explorer so if you are using that...sorry...still working out the bugs...we are Firefox people so that is the first test field...and it also works fine in Safari and Opera.

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