Johnny Appleseed Day

Yesterday I had the privilege of going into Laney's class and helping out with Johnny Appleseed Day.  This help included taking photos of the kiddos.  I suggested it.  Seems like I always hear about these events in my kid's classes come and go and if I'm not in the class helping out then I don't get to see it...just hear what my kids decide to tell me...and whatever crafty project they bring home from it.  I wanna know!!!!!!!!!!!  So I talked to the Room Mom and got permission from the teacher to come in and "help" by mostly taking photos.  Only in the bargain this is what I've been assigned to do...I have to design the bulletin board outside the classroom with the photos I took of the event. ;D  Twist, twist, twist.....;D  Well I was actually kinda nervous to be honest.  I mean I've never been in the class before and I didn't know how the kids would feel about me being in there.  I only have a point and shoot camera at this time...which I have learned to take great photos with, however I've taken photos in the school before and they don't really come out that well unless you use settings that require at "steady hand"...meaning tripod...and that just was not realistic...and I was nervous cause I didn't know all the kids and wanted to get a "good shot" of each individual kid for the bulletin board cause if you were a parent wouldn't you want to see your kid up there...never mind the parent...what about the would you feel if you were the only kid up there without a pic?  These may seem a little silly but that's what was going through my head as I headed in there.

The Room Mom, Julie, was very nice to me and just basically said...start taking photos!  That put my mind somewhat at ease and so I just started walking around and started clicking.  At first the kids seemed kinda weirded out by my being there.  Most were kinda stoned faced.  That's completely understandable.  I'm sure my nervous body language didn't help...but as we got going and activities kept happening the kiddos loosened up and so did I.  Pretty soon I was talking to them and they to me and I started to get some great shots!  Yay!

I had pretty much gotten great shots...or so I had hoped...from every kid...except this one little girl.  She was so quiet.  She wouldn't say a word to me.  I tried talking to her several times but she wouldn't respond.  It came down to the very last project...making a necklace from Apple Jacks cereal.  I was walking by her and she got my attention and I leaned over and she started telling me all about her necklace.  How she was doing the orange, orange, green pattern that the teacher wanted them to do and this and that and I squatted down and I she was just smiling and talking my ear off.  I couldn't get away.  I thought oh, oh, oh I've got to get a photo of this...but she is being so cute and talking to me and I have been trying to get her to open up all morning!!!  So I just stayed down on her level and kept talking to her.  It was obviously her most favorite part of the whole morning.  And she was sharing it with me.  Oh how it melted the heart.  She finally stopped talking and I stood up and took a picture of her.  She looked wasn't the most "spectacular" shot of the day in the way that you would think...but it was to me.  I wish I could post it...but unfortunately I don't know who her parents are and I don't have permission so I'd better not.

So I'll post so pictures of Laney.  Wish me luck on the bulletin board!!! ;D

Another great memory I had from yesterday...when Laney told one of her classmates that I was her Mom and he said, "THAT'S Laney's Mom!!!" with wow and wonder in his voice. ;D

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