Jeepin’ & Hiking

We went jeeping on Saturday near Jackson Creek. We’ve never been up that way before. It was really beautiful. Corey picked well! He let both girls “drive” on some of the easier parts. They were thrilled.



Here we are getting out to stretch our legs and look at the view. Laney is becoming a good photographer!!!


After four wheeling we ended up on Devil’s Head. We had lunch were a hungry chipmunk visited us looking for some morsels. We all were in love with him…especially the girls.


Even Corey is starting to grab the camera and I’m not so surprised at the results that he comes out with anymore…


And here are the girls on the trail. It was such a lovely trail. The woods were so nice. It very much reminded me of hiking back east. I do love that about the Colorado wilderness. Even though we live on the plains when you drive up into the mountains its just so darn beautiful and no matter how homesick I get for tree growth all we have to do is drive 30 minutes and I get my fix!



This was a little bridge we had to cross with a small stream running under it. I was messing around with my camera settings. Got the sun sparkles to look like little stars on the water. Very pleased with myself.


Ok…so as these things usually go we did not make it to the top. Something always happens. This time it was three days previous of swimming at the pool for hours and the kids were just worn out. We had gotten them up early for this adventure as well and they were just beat. And Corey kept saying are you sure? You didn’t see the photos of the views online! And I said, “Do you want to carry these kids?” So at one point before we turned around the trees opened up and I did manage to get this photo. Granted it’s not the 360 degree vistas boasted about on top of Devil’s Head but you get the idea…and I’m glad we got to see something! It was so nice though. I’m sure we will try it again soon. Hopefully then we will reach the top.

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