I’ve said it before…

...I'll probably say it a thousand times.  The things that come out the best for me in life are the things that I don't plan.  It doesn't matter what aspect of life it is...it just always ends up that way.  So, by now you would think that I would fly by the seat of my pants, but I don't.  I plan away...as always.  Because I like to.  Because it gives me comfort and it makes me feel safe.  And I like that.  Then every day, literally, something happens not according to the plan that makes me smile.  Not always...but almost always. (Ok I have to admit that lately it has been making me cry...)  I completely believe that is why God gave me children.

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  1. love this.... wow such a great photo... and although I love flying by the seat of my pants... but I do love a good list too. {{hugs}} Michelle