It’s Different

It is quiet in the house.  Not that it isn't usually.  I'm just a little surprised.  I was expecting there to be more going on after my hospital stay.  But everyone is gone!  And will be gone for a bit.  The girls both have sleepovers after school tonight and Corey is going mountain biking tonight after work.  I'm all alone!  I just thought that I would be more sick and there would be more people here.  However...

My "procedure" went really well.  Better than I expected, actually.  They got the IVC filter out!  I've been feeling pretty good.  My only issues have been from the anesthesia...and that is a little unusual, for me...and I'm just a little tired.  I was bracing for all the things that happened the last time they tried to remove the filter and it just hasn't happened that way.  I'm glad.  It's just surprising.  I got all ready for a month's worth of recovery and I'm actually doing fine.  I would just like to thank God for this.  I would also like to thank everyone for the well wishes and prayers.  I'm a little dumbfounded so I don't have much to say! ;D

It was raining last night and Laney went out to enjoy it.  Here she is! ;D

6 Responses

  1. Jennifer M.
    Glad to hear it went well!
  2. Hi Jen:))))) I am so happy about you:) We had some days bad internet connection, I cold not see how are you doing... But today I had luck finally to have internet and the first thing was to look how are you doing:) Thank God! Hugs, Greetings for you good doctor and get well soon ( sorry for my english)
  3. Ann
    Jen, awesome, I am so glad that went well and that thing is out, when you think about how difficult may be to remove it, grrrrr. Also it is an indication that you do not need it anymore. Enjoy your time and recovery process. Ann
  4. so happy everything went well.... and you're feeling great!!!! what a blessing.... enjoy the quiet... it doesn't happen all that often.... and BTW... forgot to mention.... I LOVE YOUR HAIRDU.... IT'S FAB!!! Have a great weekend!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  5. I've been reading about your medical ordeal, and I keep meaning to comment. Being the bad blog follower that I am, I haven't yet. :( I'm so glad that you came through it all okay, and that they were able to get the filter out. One less med to have to take is an awesome thing!
  6. Wendy N
    Oh Jen that is just totally awesome! So glad you found a Doctor/Surgeon who knew his stuff!! Thank God for all his many blessings!