It’s Different

Summer break, when I was a kid, was so different from how my kids are growing up.  We had a seemed like it was acres big.  Every summer all I did was pick rocks, weed and pick potato beetles. I hated it.  I could never sit inside watching tv.  Ever.

My kids live in suburbia.  We go to the pool every day of summer.  They ride their scooters up and down the sidewalk or maybe jump on the trampoline.  And yes, they even watch tv...during the summer!

The house we live in now is kinda run down.  It is an old house that the owners haven't taken care of.  We rent.  I don't really like the situation but I guess it could be worse.  There are people living in their campers in the Walmart parking lot.  Seriously.

That said the back yard is kinda a jungle.  If you know Corey at all you will know that he is allergic to yard work.  So it kinda just stays a bit "unkempt".  This is not what I'm used to.  Our last yard was well maintained by a professional landscaper before we bought it.  If you know where we live at all, an unkept yard is a hideous sin.  Keep up with the Jones'?  Ya.  We live smack in the middle of it.

When, oh when did I become a suburbian snob?  This yard is like 100 times more manicured that what I grew up with when I lived in the the woods.  But I loath going out back. 🙁  I don't want to put any money into it and Corey wants to put in no time so the paint chips and the weeds grow.

Meanwhile my kids have finally discovered the wonders that are the back yard. ;D  Turns out it is an excellent place for experiments and spying.

I am reading them Harriet the Spy every night since summer break started.  They are loving it and "spying" in our backyard. ;D

All this to say...that when I wasn't slaving away in the garden (as a kid)...I was doing exactly what the girls are doing.  When I look at them I see me. Today we didn't go to the pool.  And I shut off the tv.  I'm glad. ;D

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  1. they are adorable... Rainee loves the backyard... but with a pool... I always have to be back there too... even though she knows how to swim... I feel safer being with her... glad the girls are enjoying it!! {{hugs}} Michelle