It is COLD here!  -11° this morning when we woke up!  The furnace had stopped running during the night.  It was 40° in the house when we woke up.  The furnace never brakes when it is warm out does it???

I wrote about this on FB and Twitter yesterday but I want to put it on the ol' blog for posterity purposes.  Yesterday Corey got out the Wii to set it all up.  Did you know we were getting a Wii for Christmas?  Well now you do.  So it was a good idea...setting it up.  When Christmas arrives and we open it up all we have to do is plug it in and it will set up and waiting around...don't you hate that about Christmas gifts?  I do.  And so do the kids! ;D  Having it out all day was not a good thing tho.  And I have told Corey WE ARE NOT GETTING IT OUT EARLY.  It is the big gift and we are going to wait!!!!  So Laney gets home from school and wants to play the Xbox.  I told her, "Sure you can play the Wii."  She exclaims, "BUT WE DON'T HAVE A WII!!!"  OOPS!  See, Corey!  I told you not to open it! I was able to cover it up by saying something about playing it over at Steven's house for Thanksgiving and I was confused.  It seemed to work.  If it had been Ava I'm not sure it would have.  As my friend Jeni said to me..."You blundered with the Tooth Fairy.  I see a trend here."  Yikes!

There's another new paper pack in my store today.  It's called Winter Pink.  Would you also like some more good news?  If you sign up to follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this I'll give you a 50% off coupon for my store!  ;D  Direct Message (on Twitter or email me at jenatjencropabledotcom) me to let me know that you have done this and I'll email you the coupon! ;D


Here is my December Daily layout for Day 8 which was yesterday.  I scanned a picture that Laney drew.


star, cutstrip, berries Flitter Kit Lynn Grieveson
trees Seasonal Sampler Shabby Princess
graphic word blocks brushes & stamps no2 Katie Pertiet
paper Winter Wonder II JMDesigns
date stamp December Dayz JMDesigns
artwork Laney Maddocks

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  1. WendyN
    Brrrrrr...........Keep it up there, PLEASE!! Still laughing about the Wii and the Tooth fairy comment...and how old are you? he he he... Great designing on the "Winter Pink" paper ROCK!! Love the layout of Laney's artwork, both of you did an awesome job! I really like that snowman :o)