It’s all good

The kids are fighting like cats and dogs.

Ava has got an attitude the size of...a teenager...and she's 9.

The house is a mess.

I'm still in pain.

I'm not getting much sleep at night.


Corey sent me this news story yesterday.  Again.  I was hit with a wave of death awareness.  And thankfulness.

I was able to go to Ava's school on Friday and see her "Wax Museum".  The kids have been studying people in history.  Ava was Amelia Earhart.  Each child had to "be in character" for the museum.  It was very, very cute.  It tired me out beyond belief.  I was not feeling well by the end of it.  We didn't stay long.  But I thank God I was able to go.  It meant the world to her!

2 Responses

  1. how cute is ava in that outfit??? adorable... I am so sorry you are still not 100%... but God has a plan... you are here... His hand is on your life.... and I'm still praying for you!!! Have a lovely Sunday!!! {{hugs}} Michelle p.s. going to see the link from Cory now...
  2. Wendy N
    Aww Jen I can just feel the frustration but also the elation of still being alive!! So glad you got out Friday, even though it tired you out. Yea to Ava playing as Amelia Earhart, that woman has always been an inspiration to me.