It’s a Twilight thing.

a twilight thing

Twilight is coming out on DVD the day before my birthday...YAY ME!  I was in Walmart today and they are certainly cashing in on the 'Twilight cash cow'!  I couldn't pass up these key chains.  Like I's a Twilight thing...

2 Responses

  1. Jeni
    This is one of those moments that show how many years are between us! :D But you KNOW I love ya! BTW, did I ever tell you that you and my Grammie (dearly departed 8-ish years ago) have the same birthday? That's another reason I know you're speshul!!
  2. Jen Wolff
    OH! I so need me some of dem keychains!!!! I am a total twi-hard also!! Even though I had mixed feelings about the movie, I am still excited about the DVD!!!!! Can't wait for movie 2!!!!!!