It surprises me…

...that given the spring snowstorms we have doesn't kill off all the new growth popping up everywhere.  But it doesn't.  Lots of things have been coming up for weeks now.  A snowstorm comes along and buries everything and yet somehow when the snow melts everything comes thru unscathed. 

We've got a lot of things coming up in the new yard.  Some things I know what they are.  Others I have no clue and I wish Wendy was with me so she could tell me! ;D  We had a visitor this morning!  Good thing Skits was oblivious.  Otherwise there would have been a massacre! ;D

Oh...I know what all these photos are.  I didn't include what I didn't know for plants.  He he! ;D

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  1. Wendy N
    LOL and who would be doing the massacuring...Skits or you? It's a harmless snake, leave him be he'll eat mice and bugs..As to the flowers, daffodils, I know what the next one is but can't remember the name right off hand...after that it might be Iris's...and then tulips...Looks like you'll have some gorgeous colors before too long, Yea!!