It Just Fell Out!!!

Several of Ava's teeth are loose.  One was very loose and I knew it was going to come out at any time.  She was pushing it out with her tongue so far it was sticking out perpedicular to the other teeth.  Laney was chanting, "Pull it out!  Pull it out!"  but I think Ava was a little freaked out even tho she would never admit it.

We went out to town and I had to get gas so I stopped at the gas station and got out to pump gas.  Just as I was about to start Ava opened up the door and started screaming and I thought something horrible had happened.  She was screaming because she was excited...she stuck her hand out and there was her tooth!!!  "MOM!" she said, "IT JUST FELL OUT!!!"  She opened her mouth and there was blood everywhere.  So I grabbed a napkin from the glove box and put it in her mouth.

That night the tooth fairy came 😀 and left a dollar coin for her under her pillow.  She was VERY excited about that when the morning came!!!!

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