Yesterday I introduced both girls to the wonder that is digital scrapbooking. ;D  I created a template that we all used and I showed them how to open their photos in PS and how to do some minor editing.  I also showed them how to do some very basic work in PS including working with a template.  Ava was completely ready!  Laney got a little frustrated.  She was having an off day anyway so adding something this complicated didn't help.  However...I was very happy to share this moment with them and I would like to share the results with you.

These are photos they took the other night of the sunset from our back porch.  They both have their own cameras and their own folders on the computer with all their stuff in them.  I told Corey if the girls are going to get into digi scrapping like me...we are going to need lots more hard drive space.  We are already out with my designing. ;D

Ava's layout...

Laney's layout...

My layout...

Materials for all three layouts Jen Maddocks Designs

4 Responses

  1. jennyf92
    That is so fantastic! I have been showing my son how to use the computer for more than playing games (gasp!). It's amazing how early they can get it. Bravo to the girls, they did a great job!
  2. Jeni
    I love how they chose backgrounds that compliment their photos! They seem to have a great grasp of color, shockingly enough. I must say I'm jealous! *sigh* someday I'll learn! What a great head start you two are giving them in the world of technology! Your kids are going to be geeks! (lmao!!!)
  3. Wendy N
    OMG...these are gorgeous!! Way to go Ava and Laney...Oh you too Mom! LOL...Unbelievable and how exciting. A new adventure and something to do you have to share computers too? I went to Best Buy today...shouldn't have, sigh! Splurged on something for Michael and he absolutely loves it...should be an interesting adventure for us! Gotta love our kids and their artistic endeavors :o)
  4. Ann
    Wow, they are following Mom steps, so great! Ann