I just love watching the Olympics.  There have just been so many great competitions and stories.  I've loved watching the competitions with my girls.  It brings back memories of being a kid.  I love sharing memories with my girls.  I love hearing the American national anthem almost every night! ;D  Even tho it makes me tired I love staying up late watching it with Corey.  When they have stories of Olympics past we remember lots of them and we are starting to feel old! ;D

The Olympian stories are not the only thing I find inspiring.  I absolutely love the logo for the Olympics this year!  Whoever worked on it is a visual genius in my opinion.

I love seeing this logo in its various forms at the different competition venues.  I felt so inspired I had to do a little creating.  I couldn't help myself!

You can find these new paper packs in my store.

3 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Thanks for the compliment! I designed the logo in secret; guess that makes me a "jenius", no? ;D Ha ha ha! I crack myself up! I love the new papers as well, fun colors with that hint of texture, fabulous!! <3 Hope you're feeling bettah!
  2. the new stuff is awesome!!! and I too love the olympics.... this year has been fun watching it with Steve... I've really enjoyed ! Have a great day... get enough rest... and have a wonderful weekend in the new house!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  3. Wendy
    Wow you are an inspiration!! So glad you are enjoying some quality time with family and watching the Olympics together. I am sure it does bring back some memories. Love the new paper packs you Rock!