There are so many things out there to inspire artists, crafters and creative people!  Here are just a few things that have inspired me lately...

This is something that my friend Ann created and sent me.  She is amazing me with her ability to try new things!  Way to go Ann!  She created this here.


These images found here...




And I'm really looking forward to the fall is my favorite time of year.  I love these images I found here...





With all this inspiration around I couldn't help myself but create.  I'm in the zone.  "When the zebra's in the zone, leave him alone."  Guess which movie??? ;D  These new items are now available in my store. ;D



And here is a layout I did with the above template.


Halloween Template, Falling In, All Hallows Eve JMDesigns

What has inspired you lately?

4 Responses

  1. Wow definitely some Autumn inspiration and artistic inspiration! Love the new template and alpha pack...You go Girl!! The layout you created with the template is fantastic!!
  2. wow... super inspired with the photo... thanks for sharing them... I love the lo... the new stuff.. you really are in the zebra zone!!! tee hee! have a great day!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  3. Ann
    Thank you!, I love this new page and template. Ann
  4. Ah, beautiful fall pictures. I love the look of fall - all the deep colors. I'm inspired by my students learning (and I'm not just saying that because you are a mom...hah :-))