Inside the Mini Book

My internet has been down since last night...right in the middle of me writing the post for the inside of the mini book.  Gosh...and entire day without internet...fortunately I have email and chat on my phone...but I used my time to get my Stories In Hand album one at least...and I was working on some layouts to do on my crop weekend...yes it is definitely this weekend...I have verified...I will not be going to an empty hotel...I will not be having a fight with hubby...I will be getting a ton done...I've decided!!! ;D

So here's what the inside of my mini book looks like.  I've made it fairly simple...keeping in mind that this is meant to be easy and fun.  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it!  It can be just photos, photos + words, or photos + embellishments...make it yours!

If anyone decides to do this project please let me know how it turns out...and send links to pics!  ;D

3 Responses

  1. sweet mini. love them to pieces. <a href="" rel="nofollow">make a mini scrapbook</a>
  2. Jill
    ok so i started one tonight after putting the kids to bed. but when i folded and stuck the pages together it didn't turn out even. I am still gonna finish it and show it to you this weekend and will probably try to make another one. Going back downstairs to work on it. And does it matter what size ribbon you use?
  3. really love how this turned out!!! great job! i've done this before... but i think i just might have to do it again... fun, simple and great for the kids. thanks for sharing! M