In the Groove

I think Ava is getting the hang of homework.  For the most part she is remembering to bring it home every night.  And it is not taking her as long to do it as it did the first week of school.  She's also not complaining about it as much.  I think we are finding what works for her.  ;D


4 Responses

  1. Ah! I love this picture of sweet Ava! I am glad homework is getting easier! :-)
  2. karin
    Oh, this is great to know; it gives me hope with my daughter this year!! Last year was a struggle every day. I really hope she changed over the Summer. Between Ava and Michael (Wendy's son), I have faith!!! Sweet picture, too!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Jill
    So what I am so excited about is something I just experienced last night. My favorite part of digi scrapping is: Instant Gratification!! Example: I need orange paper, went shopping online, purchased, downloaded and used said orange paper to finish my LO. WOOHOO
  4. Wendy
    Oh that is Fantastic!! So glad things are settling down and Ava is getting the hang of it!! Yea!! Oh by the way...We are in the process of making plans for a trip to Colorado next June. I'm so excited and can hardly wait!!