I’m sharing the LOVE digi pack

So I've been working with my digital skills...maybe lack there of...he he;D  When I sit down and look at how far I've come I think "wow"!  And then when I look at where I'd like to be I think "sheesh" I've got so far to go.  But if I take my friend Michelle's advice and think of it as a journey...we are all on our own journeys...mine just happens to be this one at this time and at this level...then I should just be proud at my progress and just keep pressing on, right?  So here she is...my Valentine digi pack.  I'm very proud of myself...and of course at the same time there are so many more things I wanted to add to it but I just didn't have the time to do it all and not necessarily all the skills to get everything I want in there...I mean if I ever want to get it out there...before Valentine's Day...but I'll get there...eventually!  Was just thinking and saying to Corey this morning that at the beginning of last summer I didn't even know how to use Photoshop!  Just think of how much progress I'll have made 6 months from now.  I welcome all comments and critiques and suggestions and all that...let me know what you think...don't be too brutal tho! ;D lol!  Also if you use anything from the pack...please share!  I'd love to see! ;D


Download the Valentine digi pack here.

Happy Monday!  Enjoy!

5 Responses

  1. Thank you so much!
  2. wow these are awesome!!! thanks for sharing... you're the best!!!
  3. Jeni
    Hey! This is too cool, or warm...hot? (doing that "R" thing with my tongue!) Woo hoo! I'm telling you, you're on fire, baby. Keep up the good work! Love ya!
  4. Susan Dingess
    I think this kit is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your creativity! I found you through Jen's blog.
  5. Jen Wolff
    Love it!! You did a great job! Dying to know the secret in making digi supplies. I can make them with brushes and patterns, etc. But I want to learn to do it from the ground up.I am impressed!