I’m Screwed

We play Uno together as a family a lot.  For some reason it is the only game we seem to be able to play with the girls where they are not fighting or bragging or crying cause they aren't winning.  Every board game we have ever tried...Candy Land, Shoots & Ladders, Dominoes, Connect Four, Checkers...you name it there are always tears involved and us vowing to never play it again!  Somehow we landed on Uno and it has worked.  The kids are addicted.  Every night they want to play.  Which is fine with me.  I like playing games together...as long as there is no bragging or crying!!!

The other night we were playing it and someone...Ava...was making me draw two or four like every turn.  I was joking around and said, "I'm screwed!"

Laney says, "What does 'I'm screwed' mean?"  ;D

So we explained it to her.

A few minutes later someone made Laney draw four.  And she said, "I'm screwed!!!"

I laughed so hard!!!  Of course I'm thinking its probably not really what I want her going around saying...but it was adorable!  Her face was priceless.  Then of course when I laugh at something funny she says she gets embarrassed.  So I tried to get her to say it again so I could get a photo of it.  She wouldn't say it again...ever. ;D


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  1. LMBO...I saw the title of the post first off and started laughing and thinking UH OH!! Good one Jen, you had me sitting here laughing!! I'm surprised you could hold the camera without laughing...Uno will never be the same for y'all...