I’m not one for…

I know that one of the popular things these days in scrapbooking...digital scrapbooking specifically...is to cut out the subject and place them in a layout of random elements.  Now I'm not one of these people.  IMHO I think it takes the context away from what happened in the photo.  I know it is fun to play around with Photoshop and put heads on different bodies and the like...but when I'm scrapbooking I tend to like to "keep it real".  What I mean is I don't like to doctor photos in such a way that I take the subject out of whatever photo they were in thus taking them out of the context of the environment in which the photo was taken.  Call me a realist.

However...I can be corrected from time to time.  And even tho I say as a rule I don't like to do this...it seems that the last two layouts...I did the very thing I don't like to do...that and use bright colors in the paper...which I also don't tend to do.  Or create them.  But that's a whole OTHER subject.  So even tho these aren't typical layouts that I tend to do...I think they work.  I'm referring to yesterday's layout of Laney in her dance outfit and this one...

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2 Responses

  1. I know you don't usually do this... but these are perfect and 'not really' out of context... they work perfectly... I agree I do like them real... but sometimes it does work... Hope you're feeling better... have a happy friday!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Wendy N
    You did an awesome job, love it :o)