If you tried to visit yesterday…

So yesterday my blog got hacked.  Someone was being malicious...probably not to me specifically...and put some bad code in my blog.  My antivirus picked it up and was having a fit.  Now it ended up being not bad in terms of there wasn't anything on my site...it just was trying to send people to a malicious site.  So if that happened to you I'm so sorry!!! And if you tried to get on and your antivirus wouldn't let you that's the reason...and it was not me or my fault and I'm not trying to sabotage anyone out there!

Corey spent the better part of last night finding it and getting rid of it and so I thank him profusely!!!  If I did not have him to help me with technical stuff I simply wouldn't have a blog...or at least not one like this...with all the things I want 'just so'...I'd have to use typepad or blogger or something.  So I guess, Honey, you should treat yourself to those brakes for your mountain bike...that would about cover it right??? ;D

On a lighter note...Laney brought home Snickers again yesterday.  He's the class mascot.  He's a stuffed animal dog.  The class named him.  There is a journal that goes with him and when you get your turn with Snickers you get to write in the journal what you did with him when you took him home that night.  Laney loves Snickers.  One of the things she did was have a tea party with him.  I was downstairs making dinner and she called to me and said, "Mom, come look at what I've done and bring your camera!"  This is what I found...

laney w snickers

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  1. how cute is Snickers with Laney!!! Great photo!!