I wish I could say more

Near death experiences.  Have you ever had one?  They say all kinds of things happen to a person.  Me?  I'd say maybe a loss for words.  I've been thinking and thinking about what to write for days now.  No epiphanies have come to me.  Just the facts.  So here goes...

Those who read this blog regularly know that back in December I was sick for several weeks and didn't really recover for several months.  You also know that I didn't really figure out what was wrong with me and that what I really needed was a CT scan to see what was going on in my lungs, something that our insurance denied.

Fast forward to this past week (and skimming over a lot) when my breathing got really bad again.  My lung pain returned.  I pretty much got back to the place I was in December.  I returned to the doctor with no hope of figuring this out.  She said enough is enough and ordered the CT and said just go and get it done!

Friday (4/30) I went and had my CT done and they discovered blood clots in both lungs...basically a PE...Pulmonary Embolism.  I was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  There I had an ultrasound done on both legs which showed a large blood clot in my thigh.  I had to have a procedure done where a metal sheath was placed in one of my arteries to keep that blood clot from traveling to my heart.  While having this procedure the cardiologist found another large clot close to my heart so he inserted the sheath above that clot so neither one could reach my heart.

From there I was taken to ICU.  I was put on blood thinners and stayed in the hospital for four days.  Yeah.  Quite the ordeal.  I'm summing up a bit here too.  Corey was in Moab on a mountain biking trip while all this was taking place.  He found a cheap flight and came home.  The kids and dogs went to a friend's house.  Crazy stuff.

So apparently I almost died.  Yeah.  Epiphany stuff.  But apparently no epiphany.  Maybe it hasn't really hit me yet.  I was on pretty good drugs.  And I'm still in pain.  They also say it will take about a month for me to completely recover.  I have to be on oxygen when I do activity.  I feel like an old woman.  I have to give myself shots of Lovenox.  Giving yourself shots is NOT the most pleasant things in the world I must say.  I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff here too.  There's just been so much.

This is interesting tho...I never scrap about these kinds of things.  Mostly because I don't think to take photos.  Who does in the middle of a crisis?  Birthdays yes.  Crisis no.  But I did take a few this time!  So I'll sum up with this layout.  And if I have any great epiphanies hit me...I'll let ya know.

3 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Now I'm crying again. :( And Yay! Praising God that he brought you through. You're a piece of my heart, so very glad I still have you. I think you're amazing to have thought of doing a layout through all of this! LOL! Lots of Love and Prayers being sent your way!!
  2. Ann
    Jen, I am glad to know you are home, take it easy and place yourself first this time, get better what ever would take, do all you think you should do or doctors say you should do, I love to see you in the LO, we do not see you that much though we got to know you anyway. Also so nice to see that there you are with your family, PC and camera, no other way in a women like you modern, committed and of this century. Seat tight, and my best wishes for you to recover soon. Ann
  3. Wendy
    Awesome!! Love the layout and so glad you scrapped about your ordeal. Now the healing process begins!! You are one hell of a Woman Jen and you will get through this and it will only make you stronger! P.S. Love the photos and so glad you thought to take them...