I never posted…

...the photos from our home fireworks show.  I love that we can buy fireworks here in Colorado.  In Maine we were lucky if we got a box of sparklers for the 4th. ;D  We got a large pack of fireworks on sale this year and there were a ton inside.  You know its pretty good when the neighbors come out and watch.

Having fun playing with long exposure time.  I told the girls to not move...but move the sparklers.  So much fun to do this!!!!

I'm so thankful I have Corey who will light these things.  Cause even tho I will participate...I hate lighting them.  I especially hate the loud ones and I hate those freakin popper ones...the little white ones that you just throw at the ground and they snap really loudly.  The girls just LOVE THEM...even tho they are the most simple things on earth and Corey will do all those nice loud ones with them.  When they come out...I disappear inside.  Thank goodness for a fun Dad! ;D

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  1. Jen
    Awesome photos, Jen!