I have an issue…and two other things.

You know how your kids pick up on the things that you say...well apparently I must say this particular word because my daughter said it today...as soon as she said it I could hear myself saying it...but coming from her...a 5 year old...and having her know how to use it...well it just made me laugh!

We are driving home from school today and Ava needed a drink.  She couldn't reach her backpack so Laney offered Ava her water bottle...I thought that was so nice and praised her for it accordingly...but then a thought quickly came to mind...and I said, "Oh, Laney, you better not 'cause you are sick and you don't want to give Ava your germs.  I'll give her mine."  And I handed Ava my water bottle.  And then I heard Laney say...very seriously...with her sick and stuffy nose voice...

"Yes, Mom, you are right.  I have an issue."

I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard I was crying and I almost drove off the road!  She was so serious and sounded all grown up and she sounded just like me!  I'm laughing all over again as I write this!!!!

And as I'm laughing she's continuing on..all serious..."I don't want to make Ava sick because of my germs.  Because I'm sick.  And I have issues.  With my nose.  And my throat."  And I'm laughing and laughing and laughing and she's like, "What are you laughing at Mom?"  What a hoot!!!

* * *

In other news I didn't make it to the finals this week in the Ultimate Summer Challenge.  That being said I have no problem what-so-ever posting my entry on my blog now...here she be...

Every time Laney sees this layout she gets all excited and does this funny face...I've got to try to get a photo of THAT expression!!!

* * *

And one last note...THANK YOU to all who have supported me through this adventure for the past 6 weeks...the challenge was longer than that but that's when I started entering...It's been a heck of a ride!!!  Thank you to all of you who went in a voted for me...thanks for the words of encouragement...I won't be able to name everyone...cause frankly I don't know who all did what...and if I don't name you specifically it doesn't mean you aren't important!!!...but I do want to name a few people specifically that I know who really helped me out...Karin, Peggy, Nancy, Angela, Elena...I know you all went in and faithfully voted for me...to Matt and Jacque for their words of encouragement...Michelle...what a gift meeting you through this!!!  Am looking forward to our friendship growing and seeing where our scrapbooking talents take us...can't wait to see what you come up with in the finals...wish I was gonna be there with you!!!...Jeni...I can always count on you day and night, rain or shine no matter what you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS there for me no matter what I need...when are you moving?????? ;D...Jill...thank you for always telling me every day that you went in and voted for me...even on the last day of the voting when you and I both knew there was no way I was going to win...thanks for always chatting w me...even if it was to say hey...thanks for being around and letting me just hang out and do nothing if need be and thanks for telling me about your day and letting me forget about mine for a few minutes...and Corey...if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have even have entered in the first place...I wouldn't have known how to do so many things on the computer...so many crucial things...I've said before I may have the creative talent but you are the computer guru behind everything else...from teaching me how to download and upload files...upgrading my laptop, making space on it and adding memory...tweaking it so I can do just exactly what I want even if it's not how you would do it...to even having this blog...at all...thanks for fixing it on a daily basis and making me look the best that I can!  Thanks for being my cheering section...even when I was at my lowest low.

I'm so blessed!!!!!

And to Jill...my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight...can't wait to meet the new guy!!!!!

2 Responses

  1. Jeni
    I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry...why don't you just go and be a writer on top of everything else, little miss perfect?! Just kidding!! I'm not going to list all your talents right now cuz I don't want to swell your purty little head, so I'll do that later. Love the "issues" story! Too funny. And love the photo of Laney, but she looks so grown up. I'm so proud of you for accepting the scrapbook challenges, and for sharing the ride with us. You are so talented, and having that and the blog makes me feel so much closer to you. (...back to me...) Well done, my dear friend. Love ya! Jeni
  2. hey, your daughter is so... cute... love the issues... it's friday... can I say yeah!!!! I too am very thankful that I walk away from this whole thing with you as my new friend... it sure is a blessing... who knew... oh, yeah... the man upstairs!!! tee hee! I'm blessed. I hope you have a lovely day... and you walk away with more gems from your little ones... Blessings. Michelle :o)