I found a big phone.

I have a funny story about Laney and Christmas presents.

It requires a little back info.

She is getting a Tablet for Christmas.  She's been wanting one for awhile now.  Everytime we go into any store that has an electronic section she HAS to play with the various iPad products.

The other thing you need to know is I have a smart phone.  It looks pretty much like a small tablet.  I found a really good pic online to compare.  Of course I would have taken one myself but I went looking for the tablet just now and Corey has "hidden" it...and you will see why as you read further.  Pic found courtesy of this site.

I'm a VISUAL person...so just visualize these two things...my phone and the "future" tablet that Laney may-or-may-not-be-getting-for-Christmas as we say around here.  Corey...please don't send links to the actual products.  That's not the point of the story.  Because no, I don't have a Samsung phone, and I don't know what the brand of tablet Corey got.  Just picture the photo above.  ;D

The other day I "lost" my phone.  This is the time when I probably should have installed this app.  But alas I haven't so Laney and I are searching all over the house for it.  Corey was not around to call it so I could find it...and it was on vibrate anyway.  It frequently is.

So Laney is searching all over the house...in the usual places I leave it.  She was being a good helper for her mamma.  I wasn't thinking anything of it and she was looking around in our bedroom.  She opened Corey's bedside table and then I heard this voice from the bedroom say, "Well...I found a BIG phone!"

I told her to close that right away and come here!  She sat there looking at me with this "deer in the headlights" look.

"Laney.  What did you see in there?"

"It wasn't a big phone was it."

"No.  I'm so sorry, Laney. You weren't supposed to see that."


"Is Christmas ruined for you?"

A very long pause...

"No."  she said.  "At least I know I'm getting an "iPad" for Christmas!  DON'T tell Dad I saw it.  He'll be really mad!"

I told her she had to not say anything about it and act surprised on Christmas.

She hasn't breathed a word since. ;D

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