I Don’t Need You…But Maybe I Do

I picked up Laney from school yesterday after the infamous drop off...the one where she wanted to do it all by herself and didn't need me (see yesterday's post)...and as soon as she got in the car I asked her how it went.  The conversation went like this...

"So, Laney, how did it go?"

"It was good Mom."

"How did it go going in all by yourself?"

"I did good Mom!  See!  I didn't need you!  I did it myself!"

"Did you find your cubbie ok?"

"Well I got a little mixed up at first.  But it turned out ok.  I had to go to the gym first."

"You mean for assembly?"

"Yeah.  I found my teacher and my class in there and I stayed with them till it was time to go to our class.  Then I found my cubbie after I got mixed up a little but then I found the right one.  And see, Mom, I brought home my sweater!  I didn't forget it!  I don't need you!  I don't need you! (sing song voice)"

"You're right Laney!  You don't need me!"

"But, Mom?"

"Yes, Laney."

"I do need you."

"Why's that Laney?"

"Because I love you."

" I love you too Laney."

And we went to McDonald's and had lunch together.

2 Responses

  1. Had couple minutes before I have to get ready for work and check out your website... and I have to say the conversation with your daughter is priceless.... those are the ones that just melt your heart... anyway have a lovely day. Michelle :o)
  2. Jeni
    Awww! Cut it out with the cuteness already! They are growing up so fast, and this little one is a pistol! I can't even stand it, give them big big hugs for me. Awwww....