I could write about…

I imagine that I am better than I am.  Because I didn't go through the trauma of the last procedure and I don't remember anything from this one...even though they did basically the same thing.  They took two hours to get it out.  And I was under for it.  My mind thinks...woohoo!  My body says...well nevermind that.  My body has been a little unhappy with me lately. ;D

So I walk into the hematologist's office on Friday...  This sounds like it is going to be the start of a really bad joke, right?  Well it IS!  She tells me, "Weeeeeelll.  They got it out.  But they sure had a hard time doing it!"  THIS is the first time I'm hearing this story.

Apparently the IVC filter was REALLY stuck in my vein and a blood clot was forming around it...which is common.  Apparently.  So Dr. ____  had to work at it for 2 hours to get it out.  AND because of that I have to go BACK in and see him in about 6 weeks to look at this vein to make sure the blood flow is good in thru that area.  AND if it isn't he has to go BACK in and do this type of procedure AGAIN and basically clean out the wall of the said vein so I won't develop problems in that area.

So picture me doing really well Wednesday and Thursday...mentally anyway.  Then I get this news on Friday.  That basically...I'm not done yet.  I'm not saying the worst has happened.  But the fact that I'm not done...yeah.  It messed me up pretty hard.  I had a teensy tinsy breakdown over the weekend.  ;D

So instead of writing more about my medical issues...which will be a year now...

I suppose I could write about how nothing hurts but my neck.  And that I overdid it the other night playing Rock Band with my family...because we all know I play drums. ;D  And of course doing stuff with the fam always seems to help me.  Just not THAT something.  He he!

I could write about how Ava came home from a sleepover this weekend completely tired and she and I had a huge fight that I didn't think was going to start happening until teenage years.  OMGosh.  We made up but it wasn't fun going through it...at all.  It reminds me of Ramona Quimby Age 8 that I just recently read to the girls...about how Beezus and her mother argue about how Beezus comes home moody from sleepovers. ;D

I could write about how Laney has done nothing but film things all weekend with her camera.  She practically filmed a documentary about her life.

I could write about how I have deadlines looming before me and I have zero desire to create or work.

I could write about the season premiere of Dexter...did you watch? ;D

Or I could just stop writing.  Include a photo...to help my neurosis.  And take a nap.  What option is this? ;D

3 Responses

  1. Ann
    Jen, I can only say be strong, I can understand how you feel. Ann
  2. Hello Jen, I can say you only one thing: this will be over sometime and another life begins. Do not let the fear rule over you....Sometimes writing helps us to understand what is more important for us...Hugs!
  3. Jen
    I'm so sorry things aren't over for you yet. You will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Don't worry about deadlines. Your health is more important.