How’d They Do?

So...I had a couple of you ask me how the girls did yesterday...well they did just great!!!  Corey was right!  And I'm sure the numerous prayers offered up by me didn't hurt either!  When I saw Laney in the carpool line she was so excited to see me and I got out of the car to get her she was just bubbling over with how much she liked it and how well she did.  She talked my ear off and didn't even want to watch her movie in the car...well at least not for a few minutes.  Then when she was done telling me what she wanted she was like, "Mom...can I watch my movie now?"  I had to laugh.  She was all excited about math and art and couldn't wait to go back tomorrow and the first thing she did when she got home was pick out her uniform outfit that she wanted to wear the next day.

So this is what happened with her today...and she had been telling me this all summer but I didn't really think it was going to go down like this.  All summer she had been saying, "Mom, on the first day I want you to walk me in but then after that I'm going to go into school all by myself just like Ava does."  And I was thinking, "Yeah, right."  But I said to her, "OK Honey!"  Well guess what she did today!!??  I parked and walked them to the door thinking I was going to walk Laney all the way in.  We get almost to the door and Ava sees one of her friends and takes surprise there.  Then Laney says, "OK, bye Mom.  You can go now."  I stopped.  I was in shock.  "Laney, you don't want me to walk you in?"  "Nope!  I'm all set!"  And she goes through the doors and motions with her hands for me to scoot!  I stood there gaping.  And she just kept walking.  Never looking back.  I peered through the windows of the doors making sure she went the right way and she did.  And she never did look back.  Not once.  My heart broke into a million pieces and yet I was so proud of her at the same time!  I got teary eyed again...yes, Jill, I did...but I think they were not just tears of sadness but tears of joy and of pride.  How can a little girl of 5 seem so grown up all of a sudden?

Ava had a great day yesterday as well.  She got in the car and said she had a great day but that's all I could get out of her right then.  She was tired and grumpy and needed to eat.  When we got home she wolfed down so much food I swear she hadn't eaten all day.  Then she started to feel better and started talking about her day...who was in her class this year and who she was sitting by and who she played with at recess and all about the new classes they are having this class...which from what I could gather was just a fancy name for computer classes...just more of them.  She just couldn't stop talking about that teacher and how that teacher had to clean all two hundred computers and all the dust bunnies and found popcorn and even a lollipop in one of the keyboards.  That was her favorite part.  She made me laugh.  I love hearing about her day!

Oh and yes I am enjoying the quiet today...very much!!

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