How much is too much?

Information that is.  How much is too much information?  Well I'll get to that in a minute.  First all the pretty stuff.  We love pretty! ;D

Two layouts that I've been feverishly working over...slaving away...ugh can't you tell the utter exhaustion coming from my voice.  Tee he!  I had an absolute blast with both of these layouts and both were a little challenging in their own way.  They are each designer challenges over at Oscraps.  The first one I didn't get in on time.  But I still finished it anyway.  The second one I just posted on the forum. ;D



So I was looking over the photos from our trip to Anderson Farms.  I don't think I posted this one but I put it in the layout above.  I'll post it here and I just want to say...look at how tall Ava is to me.  She's 8.  How on earth did THAT happen...or rather WHEN on earth did that happen?


And something funny...did you celebrate Columbus Day?  I mean who celebrates Columbus Day?  Huh, huh?  Well apparently we do.  The day before Columbus that would be Sunday, right?  We were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner and somehow we got on the subject of the fact that Monday would be Columbus Day.  The kids were telling us all about what they knew about it...which was quite a lot considering their ages. ;D  So Laney pipes up and says, "Let's celebrate Columbus Day!"  Ava says, "YEAH!"  And I'm thinking these girls are so my girls because I soooo like to celebrate the little mundane National Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Day...and people think I'm "kooky" I'm just glad I have two little girls who seem to be as "kooky"(and I mean this in the best a good way) as me!  No, wait!  I know what it is...Corey would say I'm "quirky and weird" like in Runaway Bride! ;D  LOL  So I said to Laney, "Ok!  I'll bake a cake for Columbus Day!"  The response was a unanimous, "YAY!!!!"  I give you said cake...and yes it was y-u-m-m-y!!!


A few loose ends.  I have to say t-y to my bff and her dh for loaning us their truck.  What a blessing.  Because, no, we still don't have a new car yet.  Ugh.  Supposed to get resolved next week...while we are on vacation.  Great.  Oh yeah...did I mention that?  We are going on vacation over fall break.  Can anyone guess where?  Can ya?  Huh, huh? ;D

So are you wondering what too much information was?  Well it is at the end of the post not the beginning so if you are one of those people who are a TMI-er...STOP READING!!!!  Seriously.  Stop.  Are you still reading?  ;D  No.  It's not THAT bad.  I don't share EVERYTHING on this blog but I will share this.  I had a little "scare" recently and had to go in for a....wait for it...mamm-o-gram!  Yep.  Had it today.  The reason I'm writing about it is because everything came back fine.  That's a load off!  The lump is just a lymph node...little bugger. ;D  Why I wanted to write about it was because we've all heard these horror stories about mammograms.  While I wouldn't say it was the funnest thing in the world I sure wouldn't say it was the worst.  Like it was probably higher on the scale than an yearly exam...if you know what I mean.  I feel like I've gone thru this right of passage.  Like women who have had babies.  When I didn't have kids yet and they wouldn't tell me the "real" story behind childbirth but AFTER I had my own I was "in the club" and I could talk about it for REAL.  It's the same with mammograms.  You don't get the REAL scoop until you've had one.  What's up with THAT???  I'm here to say the worst part...just like having babies...there is no freakin privacy in hospitals.  There just isn't.  I mean its like you just have to get over it and realize the whole freakin world is gonna see every part of you so you might as well just wear a see-thru gown...cause that's what they give you.  Or like when I was having my babies...the first time I met the girl's pediatrician I was laying on the OR table completely naked and he came in and introduced himself.  (I was having an emergency c-section.)  They just strip you and they don't care.  And you can't do a thing about it.  TMI?  Okay I'll stop. ;D  Anyway.  There is life after a mammogram...yes there is! ;D  The secret is out!  Don't let 'em tell you any different.  Was it it

And that's all I have to say about THAT! ;D

layout credits:
Anderson Farm {Family Traditions}
paper Embrace Fei Fei's Stuff Paislee Press Designs
elements Est Paislee Press Designs + Taylor Made
letter Emporium Alpha Pack Paislee Press Designs

K Wilson background paper, wings, word art (free kit)
circle frame, paint swatch Est Paislee Press Designs + TaylorMade Designs
frame mask, stamps Embrace Paislee Press Designs + TaylorMade Designs
all elements and paper altered in some way

2 Responses

  1. first really happy to hear you're okay... as for the mamo's... I've been doing them for the last 15 years... and let me tell you... you just have to go in with a good attitude and know it will be over in a few minutes... and it's really not that bad... but I do have to say it's a bit unnerving with a male tech... that's only happened once over the years... love the lo's.. and those photos are just awesome... you are just so fab girl... love love love them... {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Jill
    That is answered prayer. Yay i just knew you would be ok. I had peace about it. yay. U rock. Was good to see u the other day. When were all better lets hang out more. What ya doing for thanksgivin? ok so we are leaving in the am for FL. Wish us luck. Also freaking love the new kit you made. Awesome. Not taking my laptop so will have to catch up with you on the iphone. ttyl