He poses

I've told you before that when I get out the camera to take photos of the dogs Skits poses and Baxter runs away.  It makes me laugh.  You might wonder why I have more photos on my blog...cute photos anyway...of Skits and why I have layouts, and the kids do too, of Skits and not Baxter.  Same reason.  Better photos cause he poses.

The other evening Corey and the kids went outside to play catch in the front yard.  We have a window seat in the formal living room that the dogs like to perch in and watch the goings-on in the front yard.  I found the dogs perched there watching.  I grabbed my camera to capture it.  As soon as I returned Baxter ran away.  Skits turned and literally "posed".  Here he is...

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  1. Wendy N
    P.S. Love the new Blog header, awesome!
  2. Wendy N
    Too cute and too funny :o)
  3. Our spaniel Millie is the firat and only dog we have had who poses!