Happy Thanksgiving

Christmas shopping is done man!  1. Cause the budget says so.  and 2. Cause I can't take the crowds...and it's not even Thanksgiving or Black Friday yet!  All I have to do is take Ava and have her get something for Laney...and I already know which "direction" to point her.  I must say that making lists this year proved much more of a success than I ever thought it was going to be!!

I lit up my Mistletoe Yankee Candle just now.  It smells like a Christmas tree in here.  I was just on last.fm forming a Christmas play list...getting songs that I don't have on cd.  Totally in the mood for Christmas now.  Just cleaned up the kitchen.  I think maybe some baking is in order! ;D

Some odds and ends thoughts for Thanksgiving.  As far as photo taking...because I was requested to take my camera to Thanksgiving...I'm loving my new camera...as a scrapper...and as I explore the world of photography in general I leave you with some thoughts on photo taking this Thanksgiving...

1.  Take a photo of the turkey in the oven.
2.  Take a photo of the turkey being carved.
3.  Take photos of people watching tv...and the tv itself...like if you watch football or the Macy's parade...take a photo of the tv when it's on that event.
4.  Take a photo of a plate of food.
5.  Take a photo of the place setting or the table or the decorations on the table.
6.  If you are the one who is behind the scenes cooking...make sure someone gets a photo of you doing whatever it is you do at Thanksgiving.
7.  Take a photo of your cooking masterpiece.  Two years ago I made home made gravy for the very first time...from the turkey drippings.  I was so very proud of myself!  My friend took a photo of me.  She said, "Well you just keep going on about it.  We should take a photo!"  I'm glad she did!
8.  Take LOTS of photos!  You can always delete later! ;D
9.  Take a photo of something you never have before.

And then...share with me what you took photos of!!! ;D  I'd love to see!

I leave you with this photo taken two years ago at Thanksgiving...with my trusty Kodak Easy Share C875.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I'll be back in a few days!

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2 Responses

  1. Jeni
    ok, I'm feeling dribbly and sentimental, and just want you to know that I miss you like I've lost an arm, but love that we're still connected, and yay God! for bringing us together. I think you're wonderful. Oh, and as a "by the way from aways back" we do movie lines all the time in my house...well, at least I do! And how about songs? Every time the kids or Dave say something random I break out into a song with that as a lyric! I'm so 80's, man. I miss you, have a wonderful, fabulous Thanksgiving! Love love love you!
  2. Awesome picture! Thanks for the list of things to take pictures of... I always forget something... and I've yet to have any Thanksgiving pictures worth scrapping. Can I say I'm completely jealous of you getting all your shopping done. Me? I really haven't started! ugh!!! The only good part is I can do all my shopping while everyone is working during the day!!! I also want to say how thankful I am to have you in my life... I'm so thankful for the friendship we've started and look forward to seeing what God will do for you and I... and what is ahead for us together. I hope you and your family have a fabulous holiday... don't eat too much, take lots of pictures and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!