Happy Easter + Great Photos…for a change

It seems lately that I rarely get any good photos of  Ava.  Today that was not the case.  She got in the car when I picked her up from school very excited.  I asked her how her day was.  She said excellent.  They had an in school field trip.  During part of it they had a word search contest.  Ava won!  The prize she won was a rock and tool kit.  You use the tools to break the "rock" apart and find a dinosaur inside.  She was pumped!  She's been so into breaking rocks apart lately.  She wants to look inside them for gems and "treasures." ;D  She wanted to do it the minute we got home.  And so she did!







Some days Ava is so grown up.  Yesterday we were sitting at the table.  I was helping her with her homework.  I started to get a migraine.  I laid my head down on the table.  After a few minutes Ava says, "Mom.  Why don't you just go to the couch and lay down.  I can finish up here at the table by myself."

"Ava that is so sweet.  I really feel terrible.  Come to the living room with me.  I'll help you with your definitions while on the couch and then you can do the rest."

"Ok, Mom."

So we headed to the couch.  It helped me...as much as anything can when I have a migraine.  I helped her with her definitions and then tried to rest.  I heard Laney ask me something.  Ava said, "Shhhh Laney!  Don't ask her anything she doesn't feel good and she's trying to rest!"  I don't remember anything after that.  They must have done a good job of being quiet cause I got some rest and didn't wake up till Corey got home.  When Ava acts like that sometimes I wonder who switched her. ;D  Not more than a 1/2 hour before they were fighting and slamming doors.  Go figure. ;D


I also wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone.  No matter what you do or how you celebrate I hope your day is wonderful!  I have an Easter layout that I want to share.


Quick Collage 200 Series templates Scrapbooks Etc.
the story word art Ali Edwards
2008 year brush Jen Maddocks Design
Chandelierious No.1 brush set  Anna Aspenes
tape CD Muckosky Story Starters
fonts: Susie's Hand, Will & Grace

2 Responses

  1. great lo as usual... Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter... Happy, Hopppy!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Love the photos of Ava, you can see her excitement! That is so neat being able to chisel away at the stone and find a dinosaur! It's amazing how our children can surprise us with their compassion and love! Great layout, love the title and the collage of photos!! Have a wonderful Easter!