Happy Birthday

Ava turned 9 yesterday.  Already she is focusing on the fact that next year she will be in the double digits. ;D  We took her to Red Robin for dinner.

I'm upset at how sick I look.  But as we joke...I almost died. Hey.  If I don't make jokes I cry. ;D  I'm trying to get used to including pictures of me...no matter how I look.  It took a lot out of me to go out.  But I'm glad I am out of the hospital and able to be with my family for this occasion.

5 Responses

  1. Vianna
    If Ava is born May 4 we share a birthdate (the month & day only, obviously, not the year). Is there a word for this type of relationship? I couldnt find any. Be sure to take care of yourself - blood clots arent something to take lightly. But at least you know now what you must do. Wiashing you well from Florida, V.
  2. Ann
    Jen, OMG, I am happy to see you out this week and not in the hospital, you look awesome, like a beautiful Mom in the pictures yeahhhh! it is great to be present in these beautiful memories you are making. Ava changed so much in this last year, she is getting tall, right? How are you feeling? Take time Jen, recover and focus on the important you first, at least for few weeks until you get all better. Ann
  3. ViVre
    Ooooooooh, didn't know untill now. I am so glad that finally you know what's wrong with your health, for you was worried for months. I hope and pray for you soon to recover. Thank god you was in hospital just in time. Love, ViVre
  4. Jeni
    You DO look beautiful! Not too shabby for having almost *whisper* D-I-E-D. ***rrrrr*** Yeah, Baby! ;D Happy Belated to Ava, she's so beautiful and grown up. I'm ever so glad you're including photos of yourself. I never have photos of me, either, but now that the boys have their own cameras, I'm in more of them. (secret "ewwww") Love you!
  5. Wendy N
    You look Beautiful and love the photos!! Looks like Ava enjoyed her Birthday dinner, yea!! Happy Birthday to Ava!