Halloween of Yester-Year

Do your kids know what they want to be for Halloween this year?  Do you celebrate?  Are they old enough?  Getting too old? ;D

My girls still want to do it.  So we have one Dorothy.  I think that might be because of her dance recital this summer being the Wizard of Oz.  Then we have another one who wants to be more "scary" and do the witch thing.  Which I'm not wild about.  So I'm "thinking" about it.  The outfit she has picked is tasteful.  I'm not one for ghosts, mummies, witches and things of that nature on Halloween.  The girls know this.  So I wonder if this is the beginning of "rebellion" or if she's just growing out of "girly" stuff and wants to be perceived as "older".

Do you have memories of what you were for Halloween when you were a kid?  I've told you before I don't have pictures of me in my childhood.  This isn't the post for going back over the reasons.  However, I did find this photo of me and my brother the other day.  It was a going-away-present that my childhood neighbor gave to me when we left Maine for Colorado.  It is my brother and I stopping at their house for Trick-Or-Treating...I have no idea the year.

My only childhood memories of Halloween were that every year I was a gypsy.  I don't remember why.  Maybe that's what I wanted.  Maybe that's all my mother could come up with.  But I remember every year my brother was something really interesting.  In this picture, this particular year, he was a pirate.  One year he was the Incredible Hulk.  Another year he was an army guy all wounded.  I think he had sprained an ankle and was on crutches or something and that was part of the costume reasoning.

Funny what we remember.  I wonder what my girls will remember.  I also remember my mom had to drive us around to trick-or-treat cause we lived out in the country.  The girls won't have the same experiences.  We've always lived in the suburbs with them.  We just walk out our front door.  We have to cut them off pretty early they get so much candy.  I NEVER had that problem! ;D

In the spirit of memorabilia...I was looking over pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes over the last several years.  I found them all the way back to 2004...the year we moved to Colorado. ;D  I have some earlier ones but they aren't digital.  I'm not going looking right now.  ;D







2 Responses

  1. These are so fun to look at... I love how you can see the girls change.... they are soooooooo adorable!!! You are one lucky mom!!! love it!!!! I think I might have to so the same on my blog.... thanks for the idea!!!! Hope you're getting better every day... have a lovely lovely Thursday!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Jeni
    This made me cry. Maybe I'm just PMS-ie...but I feel like I'm missing an arm!! Funny how the girls have changed so much yet still look so much the same. I love them.