Half of the Flu

Laney woke up this morning feeling sick.  Among other things she said her arms and legs hurt.  I told her she probably had a "touch of the flu".

Coming home from taking Ava to school a vehicle with a very loud exhaust passed us.  It was quite annoying.

Laney said, "Hello!  Keep it down.  I have half of the flu over here.  I can cough on you anytime I want.  Yeah, that's right!"

Where does she get these things? ;D

Laney hiking in Evergreen 9.3.2011

3 Responses

  1. Jeni
    "Half of the flu"....I love it! Laney makes me giggle. :) Hope she's feeling better.
  2. Hope they are all wholly better soon :-)
  3. corey
    And apparently you have the other half :/