Ava started gymnastics last week.  I must say she is enjoying it very much!  She is doing cartwheels and hand stands and whatever else she can all over the house.  Now the big question she is asking is when are we going to get mats in the house so she can do all the things she does in class at home...uh huh...I'm thinking not. 😀

I went into the gym to get a few photos of her.  I couldn't get that close cause of all the "rules" and the lighting was terrible and she was far away...blah blah blah...but I have to post a photo of her...cause I'm so proud of her...she's doing so well!  She's not doing much in this photo but she's awfully cute!

2 Responses

  1. Jeni
    She looks like she's dancing! So much happiness in your little girls. I like her suit, cute but not showing too much of her cuteness, if you know what I mean! Love the etching, here you go again!
  2. corey
    What a great picture capturing the essence of Ava-ness! How did you find the perfectly sized window with the decorative etching to shoot the photo through? ;)