Green…with Envy

It hit 85° here at the house today. nice out.  The grass is turning green.  The leaves are coming out on lots of stuff.  Flowers are blooming.  My perennials are coming up.  I was inspired.  So here ya go...


Download Green with Envy here.

Laney and I went to the park with some friends.  Here's a layout I did with a photo from the day and with some of my designs including one of the papers from today's pack.


Jen Maddocks Designs Green with Envy Paper
Jen Maddocks Designs Years Brush
Jen Maddocks Designs Grunge + Film Frames
Ali Edwards The Story Word Art Brush
Ali Edwards Design Memory Tags
Katie Pertiet Clock Parts
Katie Pertiet Postage Stamps Vintage Children
Font Arno Pro

6 Responses

  1. jen
    Jeni...My blog looks funny if you are using Internet Explorer. Corey is working on it. But IE is funky to code for. Open it in Firefox and it looks like it is supposed to. ;D
  2. Jeni
    Cool!!! I love how it looks like handmade paper in your layout. This is one of my favorite things you've done! I love photos of people walking away. (That doesn't sound right~you know what I mean!) One of my favorites I have is when we took a church trip to Mass, and Pastor & Adam were ahead of me on the path. Adam was only 3 or 4, he was so little next to Pastor! By the way, your site is still doing that funky thing I told you about the other day... :(
  3. Jill
    Dude, the paper rocks. Sorry it took me so long to check it out. You r so creative.
  4. Thank you the papers and used some of the green ones! But you can't tell as I blended a photo on top of them, ekk...I will try again and show off your beautiful paper!! Thank you ~ Wen
  5. Uh Oh...I couldn't get the green papers, it says "error"...just thought I'd let you know :o)
  6. You Ma'am have done an exceptional job capturing a moment at the park, how adorable!! I love the layout compliments the photo beautifully!! Yea!! Nice to see the green grass and warm weather has inspired you!! I hope it continues, another words no more spring snow storms!!! I love the green papers, green is my favorite color...Thank you for creating them and for sharing!! Have a wonderful weekend!!