Green Eggs + Ham

Good plans just didn't pan out today.  I was going to post what I'm doing in my albums for the crop overnight.  Only...Ava got really sick last night...very sick...and I didn't sleep at all.  So that will have to wait a day or two when I get some more sleep.  I'm hoping Ava will get better soon.  I seem to remember having sick kids a month ago for our anniversary.  Think it's going to happen again for my birthday...:(

I dragged my tired self to school today for Laney's class was having a Green Eggs + Ham party.  They made hats and listened to the story of Green Eggs and Ham.  Then they were served Green Eggs + Ham!

green eggs + ham

Laney's thoughts on Green Eggs + Ham...(she did try them which is more than I can say for me...I was called a wimp!)

Laney's thoughts on Green Eggs + Ham

And Laney making her hat...

Laney + hat

Have a great weekend!!!

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