Laney had her graduation from preschool last night. She was so excited. Mostly about the “gift” she was going to be receiving at the end with her diploma which turned out to be a Bible. She is thrilled.

I thought I might get emotional about the events of the evening. I did not shed a tear. In fact it was fun instead of sad. It is a milestone that we no longer have any kids in preschool. No more trips to different schools. An end of an era of so many things. Quite sad.

Nothing made me sad…except this morning when I took Laney to her last day of preschool and she jumped out of the car and said, “Bye, Mom!” I climbed out after her and said, “Wait! Where are you going? I have to sign you in!” And her response was, “Oh yeah. But at my new school I’m going to walk in all by myself!!!” Now that made me sad! It took Ava months to get to that point of just dropping her off at the door instead of walking her in and Laney is already saying that’s what she is going to do the first day. Oh it made the heart break!

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