Getting back to it

Getting back into the swing of things from my weekend took a little longer than I thought.  I felt a little under the weather the minute I got home on Saturday night.  Stayed home from church on Sunday.  Tried to get caught up on Monday.  I guess I'll be running behind all week at this rate.  See...I started this post at's now after 7pm when I've finally gotten back to finishing it.

This week's give-a-way is a Martha Stewart Christmas paper pack.  Leave a comment about whether or not you do Christmas wish lists or Santa lists with your kids.  If you don't have kids or kids that are the right age for this then leave a comment on whether or not you have all your Christmas shopping done.

A little crafty thing...I got a package of Martha Stewart cookie boxes.

I'm not going to use them for that.  I'm going to use them as house luminaries.  This is what I'm doing...

There are 6 in the box.  I've used three.  The first one I just cut the bottom out of it.  The second I just scored and cut it below the first window.  The third one I did the same just below the third window.  This is so I could have different sized houses to make it look interesting.

I am going to put lights inside them rather than candles I think.  I didn't make any kind of ventilation and am concerned about burning.  ;D  To secure the roofs really well I used brads.

I'm going to include the other three with the paper pack in the give-a-way.  You can use them however you choose!

5 Responses

  1. Jill
    Hey. Great pics of the girls. Well I make my own wish list. :) Steven makes his list on the lego website and then has someone print it out for him, and of course he marks he wants like 25 of everything he's picked out. Ryan wants whatever his big brother wants. And the baby he'll be easy. Steven asked me last week if Santa was real. I didn't know how to answer. So I told him I would get back to him!!! I have not gotten back to him yet but he hasn't mentioned it again. Yikes! And as you know I scored on Christmas Paper so i'm good. much love
  2. Liz
    I also enjoy taking photo’s at sunsets. Yet I’m an armature. The photos of your girls r beautiful. Thanks 4 sharing. Lizard
  3. Erin Bohland
    My son is only two years old so I havent done a christmas list yet for him, but I am having go thru catalogs and tell me what he likes. He is just starting to get into it.
  4. I don't have children but i am an aunt to 5 amazing kids. I know, and i am only 22! 5? Seriously? Anywho! I help my sisters make letters from Santa. They don't want them to be in their handwriting so i do what i can. They get so excited... and you can hang it over their head to be good if you need to :) But they are angels. And. NO i ahve not even started my christmas shopping. i will be making it all this year i think! Have a wonderful day!
  5. I know what you mean about being behind... it's taken me a bit to get back in the swing of things since my scrap night... but like you - I'm sure it was worth being behind the rest of the week, to have a nice get away... scrapping, eating goodies and being with friends! Not much more you can ask for! Can't wait to see what you did! As for the give away!!! LOVE-IT! Love the paper... love the little houses... great idea to use as luminaries!!! You're so clever! Okay,Christmas lists... Oh yeah we do a list!!! In our house we don't just do a Santa list we do a birthday list. It doesn't matter what it is... Rainee will say... can I put it on my list... and of course we do! For me it's an easy thing to do when we go shopping and say... 'We can put it on your list'... and that satisfies her desire to buy anything - and she's now telling me which list to put it... and we walk away without buying anything - and Rainee is pleased it's now on her list - and I'm pleased because I didn't have to buy anything! It's also a great to have when family call wanting to know what she wants. We also take it with us when we take our Santa pictures so she won't forget anything she wants to tell him... (like he's forget!) I love it and it's come in so handy for multiple reasons over the years... would highly recommend it!!1 As for the shopping... when I was single... I'd have my shopping done and wrapped by Thanksgiving... but being married with a child and when I was working full-time... it didn't happen. But this year I'm hoping to be done by the 2nd week in December... we'll see if it happens!