Games Afoot…or probably just squirrels

We didn't have to worry about people stealing our pumpkins and smashing them...oh no.  Other "things" were afoot last night.

Corey and I are laughing and laughing.  The girls are not. 🙁  So now our jacks look really creepy for Halloween...or maybe just gross.  Laney begged me not to take a photo and both girls want us to throw them away before the trick or treaters arrive.  Muahahahahahah!

3 Responses

  1. corey
    The squirrelpocolypse has arrived...
  2. Jeni
    Love it! But poor girls, I know that would really tick off the boyz, too. Naughty squirrels. Boo!
  3. Jennifer M.
    That happened to us one year, so now we don't put them out and carve them at the last minute! lol