Frosty…no not the snowman

Yes.  I am still sick.  In case you were wondering.  Being sick during the holidays really...bites.  I could use other words.  But I won't.  So.  Moving on.  While I've been sick I've been doing a whole lot of...nothing.  The house is becoming a mess.  I don't want to get up off the couch not so much cause I'm sick but because I don't want to look at the mess.  Eating has consisted of take out.  Because I'm too sick to grocery shop.  Oh, and Corey is sick too...did I mention that? On that note Corey and I found a great new Chinese restaurant that we have added to our faves.  At some point I've got to go to the store to get something for Christmas dinner.  Or we are probably going to eat pizza.  If I'm still sick.  Yes I'm that sick.

No matter how sick I get I can't seem to stay away from the computer.  It can lay with me on the couch pretty well.  I can't stand to do nothing as many of you know.  Since my mind often races...but my body won't let me do anything...I've been doing a little design work.  I got my December Daily day 18 layout done.  The background paper is from the new paper pack that I designed.


paper, date stamp, word art JMDesigns
mask Anna Aspnes
overlay Joanne Brisebois

May I present my new paper pack called Frosty.


You can find it in my store here.

I hope you are well and all prepared for Christmas! ;D

3 Responses

  1. love the lo... and the new papers... forgot to mention I love the letter.. it's adorable in the last posting!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. WendyN
    Love the great capture on the photo! You did a fantastic job with the layout and the new paper pack is perfect!
  3. Ann
    Oh Jen, reading your blog I realize how sick you were and you are. Feel better soon:) Ann