Freebie Thursday

I've created a new layout and template to share with you.  I may have stated this before but I used to dislike templates.  I used to think using templates took away creativity and freedom.  I've come to change my opinion on this.  I love templates! They are fast and fun!  Sometimes I incorporate just part of a template or quick page to my scrapbooking so I still maintain my creativity and feel like it is still "mine".  And sometimes it is just easy to use a template and plug in your photos if you just don't feel like "being creative" and just want to see your photos in a finished layout.

I created this template this week and did a layout with the photos of the fireworks we set off in our cul-de-sac.


template, paper JMDesigns
word art Wordle
Circle It No 2 Anna Aspnes



This template is a freebie for one week only and then it will go into my store after July 16th after that time you may purchase it.  The format for downloading my freebies is a little different now.  Just enter your name and email (much like when you have to when entering a comment on my blog) then you will receive an email with a link to the download file.  I hope you enjoy it and as always let me know if you use it!

4 Responses

  1. Vivian
    Nice website. I just found you through the forum at
  2. Wow, those fireworks photos are fantastic! I went out in my backyard, set up the camera on the tripod and waited. I thought for sure we would see them from our house. No such luck. Next year, I will have to take the kiddos and go watch them.
  3. You know over a year ago I was totally against Digital scrapping...I honestly believe it was cheating, lol...I've since changed my mind and I have been converted...But I've also hit a scrap slump and my artistic abilities went out the window and I found the templates were the perfect solution to the problem!! YEA!! So I am clapping my hands and thanking you!
  4. Ann
    Jen, I love templates too, they keep an style and consistency when in a large project. I love your templates they are so you. Thank you! oh in particular the one using wide strips vertical or horizontals, they do great LO with the touch of brushes. Ann