For the Birds

The girls came home one day from playing with the neighborhood girls and told me all about some craft they did with pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.  They REALLY wanted to do the same thing.  And then hang them in our trees and feed the birds!

So...I fought my need for control and planning.  I did not look up this craft online.  I did not ask the neighborhood mom how she did it.  I took the kids at their word.  For anyone who knows me at all...this is some feat!!! I had Ava make a list of what we needed.  Last night we shopped for the items.  On our morning walks the girls found plenty of pine cones for the project.  It has been fun letting them direct this whole thing!!!

This morning we headed out back and put 'em all together.  All I did was put on the string and put the peanut butter in a bowl for them.  Oh, that and I took photos!  I love it when I can get out of the way of myself enough to let this kind of thing happen.  Yes, it is easier to do now that I'm getting older and having kids has made it easier for me as well.  I frequently have the best memories when I let go and let my kids lead! ;D





2 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Hey! I've been doing this with the boys for years, you stole my idea! :D Just kidding, but they have been doing this since they were little. I used to make them wear aprons so they wouldn't get the peanut butter all over themselves. Fun, great job!
  2. Beautiful!! Great job Girls and you too Mom for letting go and taking Fantastic photos! It is amazing how children can change our well organized (very routine) life :o)