Focus on the Photo

Sometimes when I am doing a layout I try to cram too many photos on to the page.  I've done better at this the longer I have scrapbooked.  However, sometimes it is still difficult to put just one or two photos on the page and stop.  I love the concept.  I'm not good at the execution.  To be honest I'm nervous that one photo isn't good enough to stand alone.  Or I won't do it justice in a layout...I will either do too much or too little in the layout itself and not compliment the photo. Or I just don't want to do more than one layout of an event so it seems a waste to just do one photo in a layout.  Do you have trouble with one photo on a layout?  If you do what are your struggles?

I was working on a template with waves the other day and I was thinking it would go perfectly with some of the pictures I took this weekend.  That said I was trying to figure out how to put more than one photo into the layout.  It wasn't working.  I stopped trying and just dragged in one photo and made it the size of the background...voila!


template, paper So Fancy and Captivated Jen Maddocks Designs
Postage Stamps Vintage Children Katie Pertiet
Circle It No2 Anna Aspnes
Circle + Scroll Brushes House of 3

4 Responses

  1. Ann
    Jen, great LO, I love the large picture that is just awesome. I hope you are feeling all better by now. By the way, how do you print your Lo? and in what size? Ann
  2. corey
    How do you keep outdoing yourself!?
  3. Jill
    Hey. Awesome as usual. You are so talented. Yay u. Yes I find it very hard to only use one photo cause i think that we learned paper scrapping to use as many as possible or it was a waste of space. Glad u had fun camping. I hate camping. Having so much fun learing pse. And being CREATIVE, thank you for your influence.
  4. Wendy
    Yes you did it!!!!!!!! I love the little blended photo too...Sweet!! I love it! Your journaling is perfect too! Jen I have a hard time doing one photo too. Especially when I am using vacation or event photos where there are numerous photos. I will use one photo when it's a really great photo or the photo alone tells a story but otherwise I like to use several. My personal opinion regarding scrapbooking is to tell a story....sometimes it takes more than one photo to tell the story. We are all different though and have our different styles, the nice thing about being human. But I honestly don't understand it when a person does one photo and the date and that is it...what is the story behind that photo, what, where, when, how...What will future generations of our family think when they see the layout??? Okay I am done rambling, did I make sense? (grin)...Do what you are comfortable with and everything will be A-okay!