Flat Laney and Food Allergies

In Laney's class each child made a "flat person"...a photo of their head with a construction paper body.  Only about 6" tall.  This flat person was to be mailed to someone in the world of each child's choosing.  Laney chose to mail Flat Laney to my bff in Maine.  When the recipient of this flat person got them in the mail they were to gather information about the area they live in and sent the flat person along with this information back.  Brochures, newspapers and things of that nature.  Jeni did a fantastic job and when we got Flat Laney back the REAL Laney was so excited she couldn't wait to take it to school and share with her classmates.  Jeni included some gummy lobsters...for what is Maine without lobsters...and some Maine-made blueberry jam...for which Maine is also famous for...blueberries.

So imagine my surprise when Laney gets into the car the other day with the contents of the box...after the class was done sharing...to say that she wasn't allowed to share the food items because some kids might be allergic.  When you were a kid do you remember there being as many food allergies as there are today???  I don't.  Maybe I'm remembering it wrong I don't know.  It was devastating to Laney and upsetting to me.  Even though I understand the reasons.  They have class parties all the time and food served in there.  Sigh. If you have a child with allergies you probably appreciate this but when you don't its not fun either.

So.....THANK YOU Jeni for your thoughtfulness!  It was awesome to have food items in there.  We enjoyed them today...here at home.  Laney loved, loved, loved the blueberry jam!



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  1. the food allergy things is crazy... it bugs me that you can bring in sweets for halloween, valentines day and such even birthday cupcakes... but to share w/the class part of your project and not be able the share the whole things is rediculous... kids by now know what their food allergies are (or should) and should stay away from the stuff... and let the other enjoy... maybe I'd feel different if Rainee had allergies... but I don't think it's fair... As for Laney... the pictures great and at least she got to eat the whole jar herself or did she share with the family???? I wouldn't... that stuff is the bomb!!! {{Hugs}} Michelle
  2. The food allergy thing drives me crazy. In my daughter's class there are 3 allergies, so the only food they can have at their Halloween party is popcorn. I remember a girl in my elementary school was allergic to wheat/gluten, so she had PB&J's on rice cakes. :) But it didn't mean the rest of the class couldn't have a pizza party. She just had something else. But no, there were not the extent of the allergies there are now. I've always wondered what causes it, especially the large number of people now allergic to peanuts. ?? That jam does look delish! Your daughters are adorable. :) Kari
  3. Jeni
    I just read your post (I'm sooo behind, sorry!), and I'm so bummed that Laney couldn't share! I did question the gummies because of the food coloring (that's a trigger for Adam), but thought they were so small that it wouldn't matter. :D Please tell Laney that I'm so sorry, and that I loved her thank you card. What sweet girls you have my friend! Glad that you all got to enjoy the goodies anyway!!
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  5. It's beyond frustrating to me too. I NEVER remember allergies when I was in school - but like you said - maybe I just don't remember correctly. Anyway - it's a hassle, but I am sure that the parents of those kiddos appreciate it a lot. And...more jam for you!! :-)
  6. WendyN
    Wow what a neat idea! You could send that blueberry jam to me!! LOL...it looks delicious! Yes it seems more people are allergic to different foods, etc...But I think people have more access to different foods too. I did not know or have a clue that I was allergic to Milk until we found out Michael was...Heck I grew up on a dairy farm and drank Milk all the time...Not anymore...boohoo and I miss it!! And Fred with clam sauce or clams...he never had access to things containing clam sauce until recent years...Schools are just protecting themselves against lawsuits and sue happy people...it's terrible and a lot different from our childhood.