Finally Some Decent Finales

It used to be that tv shows had really decent cliff hangers at the end of the season.  Then recently it seemed the networks/writers/producers had gotten away from it.  Well...I'm happy to say that two of my favorite shows have returned to the good old cliff hanger season enders!!!!

Two weeks ago Private Practice left us hanging pretty hard with the fate of Violet and her baby...just when you thought she may have found some happiness with Pete...


And then we thought we'd find the answer about Izzy on Grey's Anatomy...but that was a cliff hanger as well.  And what about George!!!????  Dude!  When did you realize it was him???


Even tho I can't stand the fact that I've got to wait till fall to find out what is going to happen to these two shows...this is what makes television good! I'm glad to see at least some shows returning to the cliff hanger endings! ;D

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  1. Jill
    AAAAHHHHHH Did you watch BONES ?????????????